Bruce Nagel, Owner

Your molds are beautiful, great work!  Thank you.

Bruce Nagel
Boatec, Inc.
Seymour, WI

Cory Buxengard, Engineering Manager

Thank you for all of the work you have done for us over the years.  It is comforting to have such a good relationship with your team.  It is very rare that things don’t go as planned with our ventures, and when they do, it seems we can resolve things easily.  We look forward to working with you for years to come.

Cory Buxengard
Allied Plastics, Inc.
Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Andrew McDonald, Tooling Manager

The most recent pattern delivered using the Rampf tooling paste system is awesome.

Andrew McDonald
TPI Composites Inc
Warren, Rhode Island

(7′ x 21′ long plug pattern)

Ted Green, Owner

Saw them late yesterday.  They are perfect.  Really nice work!


Ted Green
Superior Fiberglass
Jacksonville, Texas

(Regarding 15# tooling board plugs for a 16’ diameter dome)

Robert Kirsch, Flight Test Process Engineer

The accuracy of your molds is astonishing.  Beautiful work.

The workmanship and professionalism of your company is impressive.

Glad we found you.

Robert Kirsch
Sikorsky Aircraft Development Flight Center
West Palm Beach, FL


Brian Cunningham, CoFounder and CEO

Thank you Bruce and all Accurate Team Members for a terrific job which was planned and executed brilliantly!

Brian Cunningham
Wave Energy Conversion Corp of America & Ireland
North Bethesda, MD

Brian Glandon, Product Development/Tooling Engineer

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to you guys for busting your butts on the tools you recently did for me!!!

All the prototypes have been ran, assembled and are on their way to the customer. We ended up ahead of schedule by about two weeks so thank you.

You guys do phenomenal work and we at JET are very appreciative of you and your efforts!!

Brian Glandon
Jet Technologies
Elkhart, IN


Andrew Cypher

Thanks for doing everything so quickly. Give a holler to your guys, apparently they know how to package. This is what our test facility/fabrication manager said:

“just off truck… These guys get an AAA rating for boxing this stuff. Looks great! Five boxes with 2 inch styrofoam, then parts in bubble wrap and peanuts.”

Andrew Cypher
Vehicle Control Technologies, Inc.
Reston, VA

Peter Harden, Naval Architect

We performed the model test last week. Thank you for your hard work to both fabricate the model, and meet our demanding schedule! The model performed admirably. The build quality showed. We all appreciated the extra effort you put in to get the limber holes in to the bulkheads and stringers. It sped up water removal exponentially and given the waves we were in, it turned out to be a huge time saver.

I won’t hesitate at any future opportunity to recommend Accurate Pattern.

Peter Harden, Naval Architect
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Annapolis, MD

Scott West, Gage & Equipment Buyer

Demanding timelines, emergency requests, innovative concepts, progression to the next level, stretching & bending but not breaking, fair cost, quality above the norm… [Accurate Pattern is] the type of supplier we need.

Scott West, Gage & Equipment Buyer
Miniature Precision Components
Walworth, WI