CAD Design

CAD Design Services

Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) services use your specifications, starting with data or a sketch, to design a CAD file. We use the latest SolidWorks software for molding or forming, adding draft/radii.

We design CAD files which engineer fixtures and gages to your specifications, and may offer suggestions based on our knowledge of Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing (GD&T).

We are experienced in designing the following types of fixtures and gages for your Industry:

  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) setup fixtures and gages
  • In-Process fixtures and gages
  • Final Check fixtures and gages
  • Quality Control fixtures and gages
  • Secondary Operations fixtures and gages
  • Inspection fixtures and gages
  • True position gages
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Test gages
  • Profile gages

We often use a CAD file designed by you to create CAM tool paths for machining. We can translate your .step, .igs and .x_t files into Solidworks format for our use.

We also provide file translations, plots and graphic printouts using our CAD Services.

Whatever your industry or application, we welcome your inquiry!

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