CMM Inspection & Certification


We have two Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) systems to assure precision and meet your quality certification requirements.

Wenzel Xcite DCC CMM

Our Wenzel Xcite DCC CMM provides accurate 3D measurements with its granite construction, Renishaw probing and Open DMIS software.  We can verify directly to CAD data, with accuracies better than 2 microns.








Our Romer Absolute Arm CMM is a portable measuring arm CMM that allows us to measure on the machine or shop floor.  It features simplicity of operation with reliable 3D measurements from hard probing as well as laser scanning.  It utilizes PolyWorks software and has accuracies up to +/- .002”.


Romer Absolute Arm CMM

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Romer Arm Results Color Map








Reverse Engineering is made easy with our digitizing service.  We digitize existing shapes to CAD format for redesign and reproduction.  This enables rapid design changes, scaling or mirror imaging.

Both of our CMM’s produce certification reports and plots.

We also provide 3rd Party Inspection for further certification when required.

Whatever your industry or application, we welcome your inquiry!