Technology investment contributes to complex industrial tooling services

A new five-axis router rounds out Accurate Patterns’ capabilities in precise toolmaking, patterns, plugs, fixtures, and gauges for fiberglass fabricators, thermal formers, carbon fiber parts manufacturers, and others.

Accurate Pattern Inc. (Butler, Wis., U.S.) is ready to discuss precision tooling projects and showcase its capabilities in a wide range of materials, whether a customer is manufacturing small or large parts, one-off or for low-run production. Throughout its 38-year history, the family-owned business has continually expanded its capabilities, using cutting-edge technologies to serve clients in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, agricultural, and construction industries.

“We have a unique ability with our five-axis machine capabilities to make parts that are the size of a glove box up to 16′ × 12′ × 7′ range,” says Vice President and COO Kevin Williams, who owns and operates Accurate Pattern with his wife, President and CEO Polly Sackett. End users include John Deere and Oshkosh Corp., as well as a multitude of fiberglass fabricators, thermal formers, carbon fiber parts manufacturers, and plastic injection molders.

With its purchase of a new high-end C.R. Onsrud (Troutman, N.C., U.S.) five-axis CNC router earlier this year, Accurate Pattern has expanded its tooling capabilities even further. The new router reduces production bottlenecks, enabling Accurate Pattern’s clients to get their parts to market more quickly. Its rigid construction also holds tighter tolerances, allowing for more precision than current capabilities. And with its added horsepower, the new router makes it possible for Accurate Pattern to machine more dense materials, including aluminum. “Now we can cut a wide range from low-density foam to high-density epoxy, and add to this aluminum for large format, highly precise aluminum tooling,” Williams notes.

After purchasing Accurate Pattern from Williams’ parents in 2021, Sackett and Williams, a journeyman patternmaker, are excited to continue the company’s tradition of adopting state-of-the-art technologies to provide excellent service to all of their clients.

“We have years of experience and knowledge, and when we’re making a tool with you, we’re thinking about how you’re going to use it, thinking through your material and design, and creating the end product with your needs in mind,” Sackett says. “For us, collaboration is key. We are putting a lot of energy into expanding our services at Accurate Pattern, and we are all excited to take things to the next level.”