Welcome to Accurate Pattern

At Accurate Pattern, we make prototypes that make new products possible.demo-sidebox

Accurate Pattern, Inc has been creating patterns, tools, and models for industry since 1985. We also produce high quality checking fixtures and gauges, plugs and molds.

We offer design services with Cad/Cam design, toolpath and CNC development. We also offer plastic prototype services with thermoplastic, thermoset and composites. With our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) we offer digitizing and certification of your model, tool, fixture or part.

Other processes we use include urethane or metal-casting procurement, vacuum forming, thermoplastic fabricating, woodworking, machining and painting.

Some of the materials we work with include tooling board, mahogany, pine, oak, aluminum, brass, steel cast iron, acrylic, PC, ABS, and Acetal.

bot-demoAccurate Pattern is small enough to give your job the individual attention to detail and quality it deserves and large enough to use the latest in technology, processes and materials.

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